The Yonallyís.. (Janie & Scott)


It all started in September 1968 when Janie and I were going to High School. Yes we are both Ashland (Ohio) High School graduates. For me it was love at first sight. For Janie it took a while to get used to me following her around. As we dated and grew a little older over the next several years it was obvious to all that knew us that we were destined to be partners for life.
On August 07, 1971 we got married in a little church in Adrian, Michigan. No, we didn't run away.. at that time in we were both too young to get married in Ohio without all the hub-bub of parental consent and so forth.. It was just six of us, including Janie and I there that very hot and sunny afternoon in August, luckily we had planned ahead and gotten married in a church that was air conditioned!! Not all churches were back then. From that moment on itís been just a blur. I canít imagine not being married to her.


On November 29, 1977 our daughter Wendy Jean was born. I still remember that day like it was just yesterday. It was a very cold, snowy and blustery day that day. I no more than got Janie to the hospital then Wendy was born. Screaming, kicking and just letting everyone that would listen know that she had arrived.


Over those many years of Wendyís growing up we had our trials and tribulations like any family balancing work, school and all of Wendyís extra curricular activities (ballet, swimming, basketball and band practices.) We're proud of those times, and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. 


Janie and I moved around on jobs some over the years because of them closing or just the re-shuffling of personnel, but we both made it through college, finally. I didnít get my degree until several years after Wendy did, but I guess that's what  made it even more of a challenge for me. Janie has received several degrees over these many years (Ashland University and Mt Vernon Nazarene University). She likes school and is looking to advance herself again by going back to school in the very near future.  


Wendy found a very wonderful guy while she was in college (Wright State) that she felt she wanted to marry (Steven George Austin), at least she waited until she got her teaching degree before marrying. They were married on a very hot and muggy day (August 04, 2001), Wendy liked the idea of getting married close to our anniversary I guess. But unlike her parents her wedding was anything but small. She had over 125 guests at her wedding!! It was great, all our family and friends gathered to witness our little girl getting married. What a day to remember!!  



In May, 2004 we were blessed with the birth of our first granddaughter (Jenna Faye) and in June, 2007 we were blessed with the birth of our first grandson (Connor George). They both are Godís miracles.

On June 21, 2009 Emma Jane, our third grandchild was born!



Sadly there has been loss in our family as well. In October, 1994 we lost my dad (John) and in January, 2005 we lost Janieís dad (George). I also lost my big brother (Gary) in September, 2007, and on May 6, 2012 we lost my mom

(Faye). We miss them ALL deeply.


Over the years we have met and made friends with many, many good people from all walks of life. In 2004 Janie and I grew again, this time in faith; I became a Christian and was baptized. We are members of Mosaic Church in Mansfield. Itís a wonderful church with lots of loving people that we have become good friends with. We cherish them as our extended family.


Well, thatís about it, a short look at 40 plus years of togetherness.


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Updated: 12/19/2015